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Lovebirds: are there differences between fischer and personata?

Lovebirds are one of the exotic birds with the greatest presence in homes around the world. And it is that these little ones have...

Lovebird breeding

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What to do if my Inca cockatoo is aggressive?

Aggressive behavior in birds can be quite a problem when living in a domestic environment. The Inca cockatoo , for example, is more aggressive...

What should be the feeding of the gray parrot?

Do you know the yaco parrot? This friendly gray parrot from Africa is one of the most talkative varieties. And because of its sociable...

What do parrots eat?


Types and characteristics of colored canaries

The canary, in addition to standing out for its song, also draws attention for its striking color, which varies depending on the following two substances:...

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Things you should know before adopting a bird

Things you should know before adopting a bird Birds are precious animals that brighten our day with their song or are so pretty that they...

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