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How to store your pet’s feed

First of all, you must calculate how long the bag will last and look at the expiration date . For example, if your puppy eats 300 grams per day and you buy a 15 kg bag, you have to think that it will last for 50 days and the feed should not expire before that date. In the case of very demanding pets, it should also be considered that flavorings and flavorings lose intensity from the moment the bag is opened, therefore the last kilos will be less appetizing than the first.

How to store the feed

Having considered these issues, there is still the issue of storing feed , grains or seeds in large quantities. It is very important to protect the feed in containers that keep it well isolated from moisture, oxygen, heat and direct sunlight. The best materials are metal or glass because they are totally inert, but many plastic containers are suitable as well. They must have a lid that closes very well, without allowing the passage of air (hermetic). The place where they are housed should be dark and cool . If you are going to leave the bag or container on the floor, you must put a wood or a platform with legs underneath to keep it well isolated from moisture.off the ground and with adequate ventilation. Moisture favors the development of mold, which not only spoils the taste of food but can also produce toxins that are very dangerous for your pet’s health.
Another good way to store food and keep it fresh as the first day is to separate it into week-long servings, for example, put them in food storage bags and store them in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. In this way the food does not deteriorate or lose nutritional value. You may also be interested in automatic feeders with a hopper , with a much greater storage capacity than common dishes.

How to keep food moist

The wet canned food , on the other hand, has a long service life can remain closed while. If you get a good price for canned food, do not miss the opportunity, since you will not have to worry about storage or spoiling. Once you open the can, however, it should be consumed in no more than 3 days. The contents should be kept in a container with a lid inside the refrigerator to prevent them from drying out or taking on an ugly odor.

How to store snacks

In the case of snacks for dogs and cats, you will have to carefully read the packaging and respect the storage conditions suggested by the manufacturer. Those that come in hermetically sealed bags do not need another type of container, but if they are in common nylon bags or boxes, it is convenient to store them in containers with a hermetic lid to maintain their flavor and prevent them from drying out in a few days.



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