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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
HomeBirdsHow is the change of plumage of the canaries?

How is the change of plumage of the canaries?

Do you know what the molting of birds is? It is the period in which their feathers fall and generate new ones to replace them. Although all birds go through this process, today we are going to tell you how canaries change their plumage , one of the most chosen as pets.
Feathers are essential in the life of every bird, so the moment of molting is crucial in its life. The canary molts its plumage once a year, when the light and temperature are higher, around June , and it can last between one and three months.
Why is it produced? This change in the environment causes the thyroxine hormone levels to increase in canaries. And which is the first area affected by the shedding of plumage? The wings . The feathers begin to detach from them and then progressively disappear from areas such as the tail , chest , back and, finally, the head .
Of course you have to know a little detail. If you have a canary at home and it is facing its first molt, it will keep those of the tail and those of the wings that are essential for flight.

A moment of stress for canaries

Although it may not seem like it, the molting of plumage is a period of stress for the birds. To prevent the levels from being excessive, the best thing you can do is give it some special care like the ones we are going to tell you below:

  • Give him space: A large cage is ideal for this period, especially if you share it with other canaries.
  • Penumbra: With less light the plumage molt can be shortened. In addition, it helps them to be calm and to stress much less. You can lower the blinds, close the curtains or, if the cage is outdoors, partially cover the cage.
  • Put a bathtub: Water can help them in the change. Drying with the beak will make the old feathers fall better and will help the new ones come out better.
  • Be careful with the pecking: During the molt some canaries pluck the feathers from their companions. If you have several canaries in a cage, it is best to separate them or share a larger cage than usual.

A special diet for canaries

At a time as critical as the change of plumage for canaries, feeding is essential. Having all the necessary nutrients will give your canary a bright and resistant plumage.
What the canary needs most at this time are proteins because they help to regenerate the feathers by synthesizing collagen. So that the contribution is appropriate, feed your canary with brood pasta with egg. Protein-rich seeds are also very important.
To round off this special diet for shedding, add vitamins and minerals to your canary’s diet . You can find them in specialized stores and administer the doses indicated on the container itself.

One last tip for canary plumage shedding

Hygiene . Cleaning is essential for the maintenance of the cage of any bird, but during the molting process it is essential. Clean and disinfect it daily to avoid the appearance of mites that can prevent the molt from being done correctly.
The shedding of canaries is a stressful and complex process that is a strain for these little pets. But with your love and your good care there is no doubt that you can make it much more bearable. You’ll see how in a short time your canary will have an enviable plumage again.



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