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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
HomeBirds HealthHow to take care of a cockatoo?

How to take care of a cockatoo?

There is nothing better than having a pet at home. But if it is also a pet as happy as cockatoos, you will have a very happy company at home. The liveliness of their chatter is one of their greatest attractions, although you must keep a few things in mind to learn how to care for a cockatoo.
Although originally they are used to living in freedom, they are birds that adapt well to captivity. Being sociable, they get used to living in a human environment very well. Like parrots and parakeets, they are also capable of imitating a large number of sounds.
Do not be scared, although they need specific care, they are easy to maintain and tame. Yes, they need attention like any animal, but don’t worry, we are going to teach you how to take care of a cockatoo.

How to take care of a cockatoo?

The first thing you should know to take care of a cockatoo is the type of cage it needs. So that they can move comfortably, it is best to opt for a large cage. In addition, you should place it in a quiet place , but where it can see the family activity. Remember that the area should be sunny but away from currents.
Make sure that the cage you choose has a removable tray, so you will avoid that your cockatoo can ingest any rest and it will also be easier for you to clean it . Don’t forget to equip your cockatoo’s cage with a bathtub, a climbing branch, and a perch at each end. This will give you the resources to exercise and groom yourself.
But, even if it has a very comfortable cage, you should take your cockatoo out at least one hour a day. You just need to remember to close doors and windows and store foods that could be harmful to her, such as chocolate or French fries.

The cockatoo loves bath time

And is that this bird comes from tropical areas so it is advisable to give it frequent baths. It is used to high humidity and frequent rains. In addition, baths have a relaxing effect on them so they are highly recommended, especially if they are somewhat nervous.

What does a cockatoo eat?

Knowing its diet is basic to caring for a cockatoo. This base is the grain and the seeds . A mix of seeds like corn, oats, wheat, rice, or hemp is ideal for them. Dried fruits such as pumpkin seeds, walnuts or peanuts should be added to this mixture . And, of course, you can also give your cockatoo some fruits and vegetables so that his diet is as complete as possible.
One last trick? Incorporate minerals into your cockatoo’s diet. You can find them in pet stores. In addition to being beneficial, they also serve as a distraction because they tend to peck and play with them.

Hello cockatoo!

As we have already told you, the cockatoo is capable of easily reproducing sounds just like other birds such as parrots do. But it is not an easy task. You will have to work with patience and perseverance so that your cockatoo repeats some of the words that you have taught him. It is best to practice once a day, for example, every time you let her out of her cage. Do not forget to give him a treat while you do it and avoid sudden movements so that he does not panic.
Enjoy sharing your life with an animal as intelligent as the cockatoo. Have fun with their chatter and crest movements. It will be quite an adventure to take care of her and learn to relate to her. We assure you that this pet will give you a very special affection.



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