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How to teach a canary to sing?

Canaries are beautiful birds, they have very striking colors and are known for their charming and sweet song. The pleasant melody that a canary sings does not go unnoticed and delights the ears of those who have the joy of hearing it.
Having a canary as a pet is a lot of fun , but not all of these birds sing spectacularly; in fact, if they are female, very few do, and those with that ability do not tune as much as a male. If you don’t know if your canary is male or female , here we tell you how to find out.
To know how to teach a canary to sing, it is necessary to take into account a series of recommendations that you will find below.

How can we teach a canary to sing?

Canaries learn by imitation . Therefore, if he lives with his parents from a very young age, he begins to learn from them and, within a few weeks, he learns various musical notes similar to those of his parents.
They can also learn from a “master” canary , which is introduced into the same cage and, through its songs, teaches the young bird to sing by imitation .
However, the safest thing is that our canary does not live with his parents, nor does he have a teacher to instruct him. In that case, you can teach a canary to sing in this way:

  • Make the bird listen to songs of other canaries : This helps it distinguish the sounds and repeat them, since they are related to it and it understands them naturally as part of its language.
  • Another tactic that can be used is to play soft music and accompany the melody with whistles so that the bird picks up the tone and rhythm. Once the canary finishes singing, it is recommended to reward him so that the next time he follows the melody and continues with his learning process.
  • In addition, you can teach your canary to sing by accompanying him. How can you do it? Simply by playing a song and singing next to his cage. In this way, the bird will be encouraged to sing and the learning time will be less. Although this seems somewhat naive, it helps the bird understand the music better if we sing it.
  • Likewise, it is advisable to put different songs and sounds of birds , striking and prolonged, 3 to 4 times a day , which are the ones you like the most and are in line with the way of singing you want your canary to learn.

It is important to note that the genetic inheritance of the canary also influences its being a good singer . That is, if your father is an excellent singer, surely he has that innate ability. Another fact that cannot be ignored is that, if the canary shares space with a female, it must be separated, since she makes it difficult for her partner to learn.

Teaching a canary to sing: Better in a quiet place

Canaries are easily distracted , so it is advisable to keep them in a quiet place so that they can focus on learning the song that is being taught. It can also be the case that the bird is very clueless: For this, it is recommended to cover the cage with a cloth while the learning process is carried out.
When the canary is in a relaxed place, you can start the training by playing the songs you have chosen . Soon your pet will begin to imitate them naturally.

Awards to promote learning

A good idea to teach a canary to sing is to encourage the learning process: stop the music from time to time and encourage him by exalting his involvement with the song by giving him special treats for canaries as a reward. After the short rest, you can continue with the training and, later, repeat the process 2 or 3 more times.
This training must be carried out at least 10 minutes a day, since in this way you will be able to perceive the progress of the canary gradually. It should be noted that, if this procedure is carried out several times a day, the progress of your bird will be greater.
However, it is important to consider that your pet will not sing identically to the canaries he is listening to in the audios, since each bird has its own intonation .
When the canary learns several songs and improves his intonation, you should continue with the training, since now it will be easier to continue learning different songs throughout his life.

Other factors to take into account when teaching a canary to sing

Good nutrition

Another of the most important aspects during this process of teaching a canary to sing is food, since it plays an important role in the health and well-being of the bird.
A good food provides your pet with a good development and a calm life. Keep in mind that a well-fed canary makes a very happy pet. Specifically in the case of canaries, happiness greatly influences their state of mind when singing .
Feeding must be done at fixed times, that is, that the canary learns when it is time to eat. Nor should you neglect the water: You should always have this important liquid at your complete disposal.
There are also song stimulating foods, such as Sing-Mix Beaphar seed mix , which help teach a canary to sing.

A clean and pleasant cage

Canaries should be in a clean and comfortable cage so that they can move from one place to another with some ease. Living in a very small and dirty space affects your mood and, consequently, can make it difficult to learn to sing .
Try to have a large cage for your canary and always keep it clean: In this way, the pet will be happy and its song will be better. In addition, the cage should be located in a space with a good temperature to avoid extreme peaks of heat or cold.



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