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How to care for a Mandarin diamond?

Do you like birds? Looking for a first pet ? Or maybe you want to put an exotic touch in your life? This article will probably help you decide. Pay attention because we tell you how to care for a Mandarin diamond . But what do you know about this species of bird?
The Mandarin diamond is a kind of small bird. The males have a plumage of gray, brown and white mottling and a peak characteristic color coral. On the other hand, females have a softer-toned bill and their plumage is much lighter.
This little one can grow to 13 centimeters tall and is of Australian origin. But his physique is not the only striking thing about the diamond bird. It is also a very sociable species and used to living in a colony, so if you decide to bring one to your home, it is best to do it with company.
But be careful! When you first bring him home, give him enough space and time to get used to your presence.

Where should the Mandarin diamond live?

The ideal place for the diamond bird to live comfortably is a large cage so that it can fly without problems. The more mandarin diamonds you have, the bigger the cage will have to be.
In this cage it is essential that they always have water, a bathtub inside will allow them to splash comfortably in the water as they usually do in their natural habitat. It must also have two sticks of different thickness with which it can exercise its legs and, of course, also with a feeder and a drinker.
Place its cage in a bright place , good access to sunlight is ideal for the Mandarin diamond. It is best if you place it next to a window or on a terrace. You will not only enjoy yourself, but it will also boost your metabolism.

Mandarin diamond in free flight!

Like cockatoos, Mandarin diamonds enjoy free flight . Close doors and windows and let him out of the cage for an hour a day. He will enjoy flying around the room and doing stunts.

How to care for a Mandarin diamond?

Time to eat! But do you know what the Mandarin diamond eats? Like parakeets, it is essentially a granivore . White millet, yellow millet, flax seeds, Nigerian seeds or even rapeseed are some of the most appropriate for your diet due to their rich contribution of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and fats.
But also diamond birds need a contribution of animal protein . This is what they get by eating worms, but also other foods such as boiled egg or cheese. Endive, lettuce, celery, pears or apples are some of the most beneficial vegetables and fruits for them. Ideally, they should eat them 2 or 3 times a week.
And to complete the feeding of the Mandarin diamond? An extra mineral that can be obtained thanks to the cuttlefish bone as other species such as parrots do.

Happy bird, singing bird

Because yes, the Mandarin diamond sings too . It is their way of communicating with others and they do not stop doing it all day. When they reach puberty, their song increasingly resembles that of their parents, and we assure you that it will surprise you. Remember those rubber dolls that squeak when you squeeze their tummy? Now you know what a diamond bird sounds like.
Now that you know better and know how to care for a Mandarin diamond … Doesn’t he seem like an adorable little guy? If at any time you want one of them to be part of your life, you already know how to take care of them.



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