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Symptoms of digestive problems in birds

Captive birds can suffer from digestive problems just like other pets. The fundamental difference is that birds have a very high metabolic rate, so a decrease in appetite or loss of nutrients through vomiting or diarrhea can quickly lead to loss of body weight and wasting . If digestive disorders are not detected and treated early, they are often fatal.
Many owners do not know how to recognize the signs of illness until the birds are severely ill. It is important that you learn to observe the cage every time you clean it . Use products that are not toxic and that disinfect the surface. Check that the stools are normal, in the same amount as always. Look at the color, check for undigested material. Look at all surfaces and saucers for vomiting. Keep in mind that parakeets show a regurgitation of the contents of the crop that is part of their courtship. They can do it on a mirror or toy and even on the hand of someone who is very familiar to them. Don’t mistake this for a digestive problem.
Control your pet’s weight . If you notice that she has lost weight, do not delay in taking her to see a specialist veterinarian. Also pay attention to your face to detect immediately if you have nasal or ocular discharge , which could be signs of a disease that affects the whole body and not just the digestive system. Some more symptoms of disease in birds are depression, poor appetite and ruffled plumage.
There are many infectious diseases that can affect our birds, but some management factors that make them ill and can be prevented must also be taken into account. The porridges for pigeons too hot can cause burns in the craw with fistula formation that might require surgery. Be especially careful when using a microwave, as some portions may be hotter than others.
Other factors that predispose to diseases are poor hygiene , leaving fresh food in poor condition inside the cage, making sudden changes in the diet or giving them food that is not appropriate for the birds. It is very important that you learn everything you can about your pet’s nutritional requirements, so you can give him the best diet to take care of his health and enjoy it for many years.



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