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Why are parrots monogamous?

Whether you have a parrot as a pet or if you are considering bringing one to the family, you will surely have some doubts about them. One of the aspects that you must take into account is its reproduction. Did you know that parrots are monogamous ? Or better yet. You know why?
For starters, you should know that practically 90% of birds are monogamous. You know why? Argentine biologist Alex Kacelnik assures that, since they are species that incubate their eggs outside the female’s body, they need to find a suitable partner to care for and feed these offspring.
So is that why parrots are monogamous? Indeed, parrots are one of these species that chooses a single partner throughout their lives. Their females look for the ideal partner to have at the time of incubation of the eggs, which are made by both females and males, and for the rearing of the chicks.

If parrots are monogamous … why not have a partner?

A couple of parrots at home? It may seem crazy, but having a pair of these birds is not strange considering that it is a very sociable type of bird . And if your company is of the opposite sex, in addition to greater entertainment, you will have the possibility of forming a breeding couple. Remember that parrots are monogamous.
So if what you want is to have a couple of parrots at home, the first thing you need is a large cage. Parrots need a lot of space to be able to have activity inside the cage. And what kind of cage ? Square cages are the best, in them they can have a better spatial reference on the limits and it will avoid stress.
Having enough space for both of them, they will be able to interact with each other as well as with the humans in the house. Parrots that are alone tend to be sad if they do not interact too much with them, so ideally they are in pairs. This will make it so that, even if you don’t have as much time to interact with them, they can feel loved.

Your parrot also suffers emotional stress

Yes, parrots are monogamous, and that is also reflected when losing their partner. Like any human, faced with a loss like that, the parrot can experience symptoms of depression such as lack of appetite or repetition of senseless behaviors.
This is the time when you should give your parrot all the love and attention you can. In some cases, veterinarians may even recommend the administration of some type of medication. The best thing you can do before looking for a new partner is to help him overcome these symptoms.

For parrots playing as a couple is better

And it is that as a couple everything is much better. That is why even toys and accessories for two are essential in his cage. You know that they are very happy, agile and playful birds, so bet on toys that encourage this activity.
The swings for two will allow them to share an entertaining time that in addition to stimulating them will make them relate to each other. Their life can also be much happier with a ladder where they can exercise their legs and their beak. Another option is the ropes , with them they can swing, climb and bite. The only objection? Never put all the toys at once in their cage, they would be too overwhelmed.
Parrots are, without a doubt, one of the best birds to have at home. Share your life with one of these couples and enjoy your day to day with them.



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