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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
HomeBirdsHow to deworm canaries and other birds

How to deworm canaries and other birds

Parasites pose a risk to your pet, as they can cause different damages and even cause death.

Types of antiparasitics for birds

Birds need to be dewormed every so often (once or twice a year) both internally and externally, for good health. There are some home and natural remedies to avoid these pesky little creatures such as minced garlic in food or flowering chamomile placed in their nests. But the most reliable thing is to use one of the many products on the market. The antiparasitic for birds are very effective , there are specific external deworming and also internal. Each one has special characteristics for different situations and for different types of parasites. You just have to find the one that best suits the one you need for your bird! Always consulting beforehand with your trusted veterinarian or with our professionals at Trendenimal through the online consultation service .

External antiparasitics for birds

In Tíanimal you can choose between different external antiparasitics designed especially for birds . These insecticides quickly eliminate external parasites such as mites or lice, among others, which can be harmful to your pet. Remember that prevention is just as important as the treatment itself, to prevent these “unwanted beings” from establishing themselves in your pet.
You can find different formats that will adapt perfectly to your needs and those of your pet. You can find different formats such as powder or spray antiparasitic in the TANNIMAL catalog .
Do you use any method or product for the prevention or elimination of parasites for your birds? Tell us how you apply it and if it works correctly for you.



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