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How to start caring for a Turkish turtle dove

Have you ever noticed the birds when you walk through your neighborhood? Even if you don’t have much idea about the local fauna, we assure you that on more than one occasion you have come across a Turkish turtle dove … But without knowing what it was. Would you like to know how to take care of a Turkish turtle dove ?
Turkish turtle doves are, as we have already told you, one of the most common species that you can find in cities. Their light gray plumage and pinkish chest make them clearly different from common pigeons, despite their similar size. Their dark red eyes, their black beak and the white feathers on the sides of their tail are other physical characteristics that define them.
But the physical is not the only important thing. Her character is docile and she is used to living in groups. It can become trusting and perch on your hand, so caring for a Turkish dove at home can be very rewarding.

One more Turkish dove in the family

Because if you have a Turkish turtle dove at home, or a couple of turtle doves, surely you have considered yourself more than once … What would happen if my turtle doves breed ? What if I’m the one who wants them to breed?
It does not matter if the first or the second happens, the main thing you should know is that for the Turkish turtle doves to breed properly they need a good space. The best thing is that they have a large aviary where they can make their nest. Can you do something for them? Of course, the Turkish doves will appreciate that you put sticks within their reach inside the cage so that they can fill their nest well.
And then? Although you should bear in mind that it can breed all year round, the main breeding period is spring. Then the female will lay two eggs in the nest that you have helped her make.

Welcome little Turkish dove!

It has been between 16 and 18 days since your turtle doves began to hatch and… Crack! The eggs have been hatched and there are two new chicks in the cage. Now you have the opportunity to see a Turkish turtle dove grow in the first person. It usually leaves the nest at three weeks, so it only needs a couple more weeks to be completely independent from its parents. Awesome, right?

More Turkish doves… Less space?

No! If your family of Turkish turtle doves increases you will need a larger aviary. Remember that if they are crammed into a small space they will be stressed and that is very harmful to their health. Also, remember to incorporate some plants and a bathtub in it so that they can feel more comfortable. Place it indoors or outdoors, as long as the temperature changes are not extreme, your doves will be happy.

The food of a Turkish turtle dove

Time to eat turtledove family! And it is that offering them adequate food is essential to take care of a Turkish turtle dove. But what do they eat?

  • Grain and seeds : Millet, oats, wheat, birdseed, or brown rice are good examples.
  • Insects : Unless you can collect them in your garden, you have the option of buying them in a specialized store.
  • Vegetables and fruits : To make your diet more varied, you can incorporate apple, cucumber, orange, broccoli, red fruits, chard, watermelon, tomato, endive, pepper or pear, among others.

And although we think it is very obvious what we are going to say … Never give human food to your turtledoves. Nor avocado, it has been shown to be toxic to many birds.
Now you know everything you need to take care of a Turkish dove and help her start her own family!



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