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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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The best birds as pets for kids

Birds are one of the five animals that are among the favorites and most common in the home, behind dogs and cats. They are an ideal option for those who cannot spend too much time with a pet because they spend many hours away from home. In addition, birds are very easy to care for and require little prior knowledge, so in this article we will tell you which are the best birds as pets for children.
Birds do not require as much care and responsibilities as a dog; They do not have to go outside and, except for some species, they do not need as much interaction or socialization. In addition, they can stay alone for several days if you have to go on a trip, which gives you a lot of freedom in your day-to-day life.
Your lifestyle, your daily routine and your habits are essential when choosing a pet. And, if what you are looking for is a friend for your child, you also have to take their needs into account since not just any animal is suitable for children . By choosing the right pet, children will grow up learning to love animals and being more responsible.

Why choose birds as pets for children?

Birds offer company and joy without demanding much in return. They are smart and sociable . Some may have a great interaction with their caregiver, give a lot of love and create a very special bond; others, however, will be more independent.
The birds are not only easy to care for but also do not require a great economic expense in food, accessories or veterinary medicine. They eat little food, groom and clean themselves every day and do little to the vet, usually only for general check-ups.
But, to finish convincing you why birds as pets for children are the best , we will tell you the pros and cons.

Pros of birds for kids :

  1. They are very smart . They learn quickly and have great communication skills if you do your part to understand them.
  2. They are easy to train . His intelligence, desire to learn and to please you make training a fun game.
  3. Simple care . They offer greater freedom than a dog or a cat and do not need children to be with them all day. You just have to leave their water and food always available and clean their cage when necessary. No sandboxes or walks.
  4. They are very clean . Birds are constantly grooming and cleaning their feathers, they do not need you to bathe them. You will only have to spray them occasionally with a warm water spray so that they are not dry and their skin itches. The only thing that you will have to take into account in its maintenance are the nails and the beak, which will have to be filed or cut, by you or by the veterinarian.
  5. They are sociable . Believe it or not, the bond with your bird can be the same as the one you have with a dog or cat. In fact, they are more social than felines.
  6. They don’t need a lot of space . Depending on the species, there are many birds that can live in simple cages, such as canaries or parakeets. But undoubtedly the bigger his cage, the better. In addition, we recommend that you take some time out of it every day so that it can fly, have fun and expend energy. Continuous confinement is also not ideal
  7. They can live for many years. Some species, especially when we refer to larger birds such as parrots, are very long-lived. Think if you are prepared to take care of a pet for that long and if you can do it.

Cons of pet birds for kids:

  1. Emotional and behavioral problems due to inattention . Their intelligence makes birds need a time of interaction every day, as well as games, stimuli and environmental enrichment.
  2. They don’t always learn what you want . As against, they can surprise you with things that they have learned by themselves and that are not so much to your liking. They can be noises or some annoying behavior.
  3. They don’t just make their cage dirty . Although it is true that they are very comfortable in terms of cleaning, birds do not only mess inside the cage. It is quite likely that the floor where it is located (even the walls) will end up with remains of food, water, excrement and pens, so you will have to clean it often.
  4. They need interaction time . The fact that birds are very sociable is good if you have time to spend on them. However, if you don’t spend time with your bird every day, it may become depressed, stressed, and have aggressive or destructive behavior.
  5. They can be very noisy . Some birds sing, talk, or make excessive noise.

The best birds for kids

Although birds are excellent companion animals, not all of them are recommended for children or for living in small, closed spaces. Therefore, we are going to tell you which are the best birds as pets for children so that you can choose your favorite.


These little birds are easy to care for and require little interaction, making them ideal as a child’s first pet. They are cute, cheerful and very singing, so you can be sure that they will bring happiness to your home with their constant humming.
Canaries are not especially recommended for handling since, in general, they do not enjoy it. So, if what you are looking for is a bird that your child can interact with outside the cage, we recommend parakeets or nymphs.
You can read more about canaries in this broader article and in this other you will be able to know what their diet is like .


They are small and very striking birds that, having them since chicks, are easy to socialize. They are friendly and docile and they love to live in company so the ideal is that you have more than one. They don’t need a lot of space and they don’t need a lot of interaction, so they’re a good place to start. Here is another article to expand your information on diamonds.


It is usually the first pet bird of children. They are slightly larger than canaries and diamonds and are more sociable. Children can interact more with them. It is one of the most popular birds in homes for its easy care and friendly nature. In addition, they can learn tricks and can get used to being loose at home, accompanying you everywhere. But don’t be fooled by their endearing looks, parakeets can also be temperamental and need to be educated to be sociable and enjoy handling. This other article will help you get to know them better.


If what you are looking for is a slightly bigger and funnier bird that they can interact with a lot more, nymphs are an excellent choice as a pet bird for children. It is a cheerful, happy, loving and playful bird. However, this species does need a higher level of attention, so if you don’t have enough time to dedicate each day, it is better to choose another bird. Nymphs are very intelligent and extremely sociable, which is why they need more interaction with their caregiver. They can become depressed and misbehave if they are not cared for. Learn more about their care in this article.
If you were thinking of a larger animal such as parrots (yacos, macaws …), we must tell you that they are NOT recommended as pet birds for children . They have a great intelligence and a strong personality; They need a good education and socialization, in addition to spending time with them each day. Parrots have to play and be cared for every day to avoid stress. If you ignore them, they end up having behavioral problems such as pecking and feeling sad.

In general, the requirements that a pet bird for children must meet are:

  • That it is easy to care for and does not require too much care
  • That allows a good manipulation
  • That is not aggressive
  • That it is a suitable size for the child’s hands

Do you know any other pet birds for kids that aren’t on this list? Tell us about your experiences caring for these incredible animals!



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