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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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10 curiosities about the lovebird

They are the kings of social networks along with nymphs. You can see them on Twitter, on memes, on TitkTok and they even have their own Instagram accounts. Rare is the platform where there is no post about them. And you? Do you want to know some curiosities about the lovebird ?
These little guys, just 6 inches tall, have stolen the hearts of the public with their cheerful and loving nature. But its small size has not been an obstacle when it comes to making itself known to everyone. But why not get to know them a little more thoroughly?

The agaporni, a surprising little parrot

It is one of the best-known parrots today, but… What do you really know about lovebirds ? Don’t worry if you can’t think of anything to answer, we are going to tell you some curiosities about the lovebird so that you can hallucinate with it.

Curiosities about the lovebird

  1. The lovebird was discovered in 1887 by Dr. Fischer in Africa. But, although it was discovered almost 150 years ago, it did not reach the European continent until the German zoologist Carl Hagenbeck brought some specimens in 1973. It does nothing!
  2. Its name, agaporni, comes from the union of the Greek terms “agape” , which means love or affection, and “ornis” , which means bird. That is why in English they are known as lovebirds and in Spanish they are also called love birds or inseparable.
  3. But why would they call it a love bird? Because the lovebird is one of the most “loving” birds. As with most birds, it is a monogamous species . Once he finds his partner, he never leaves her . What if the couple dies? He will try to find another kindred with whom to share the rest of his life.
  4. The lovebird is a bird of love, also with its owner. Its cuddly character makes it very close to its owner. It does not matter if you are alone as a couple, the normal thing is that you create a very special bond. In addition, he loves to play with him, to be out of his cage and to be pampered by stroking his feathers.
  5. Its affable nature makes the lovebird also an easy bird to train . He’s very smart, but you will need time to get him to do some tricks and exercises. You can teach him to grab things with his claws, to spin, to perch on your finger … And, of course, taking his prizes from time to time.
  6. Careful! The lovebird is very loving, but also very territorial . They do not like strangers around their territory, and if another animal or someone does not like them they can be aggressive .
  7. They really like water . They love having a bathtub in their cages as much as sticking their heads under the faucet. The dips are a must for them.
  8. How does a female lovebird differ from a male one? We wish you good luck if you want to discover it just by its looks. Both sexes are so the same that only a DNA test could tell you for sure if it is one or the other.
  9. The lovebird is digdactyl . What does this mean? Well, the claws of the lovebird are located differently from those of other birds. In his case, two fingers point forward while two others point backward.
  10. Lovebirds can have a wide variety of colors . Although the best known are green, yellow and orange, there are also blue, white, purple or black.

We hope that these 10 curiosities about lovebirds have helped you to know a little more about these little ones. They have a lot of charisma, right? Do you dare to bring one of these little influencers home?



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