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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Bird Nutrition – I think as the only food

To give a feed as the only food to your pet, you must be sure to choose one of good quality, that is tasty, that keeps it healthy and that is within your reach.

You will have seen that there is a significant variation in the price of different brands. Generally this is due to the quality of the ingredients. Buying a low-cost feed may seem inexpensive, but these foods generally contain low-quality, less digestible ingredients and larger rations are needed to meet the animal’s needs. Thus, a sack of cheap food yields less than an equally better quality. On the other hand, they do not always contain the nutrients that are necessary for good health . Your veterinarian can help you choose the best food for your pet according to its age, breed, activity level and physical condition, taking into account your financial possibilities.

Once you have decided what food to give him, you should try it for about two months to see how well it suits him . A diet that provides good nutrition and sufficient energy contributes to normal weight gain or maintenance, healthy skin, a healthy and shiny coat, a normal and consistent fecal volume and, above all, contributes to the vitality of the animal .

If you feed your pet good food, you don’t need to add any other ingredients . Foods that are complete and balanced already have a delicate balance between all the ingredients to provide the exact amount of each nutrient. If you add meat, noodles or anything else, you will be changing this perfect balance. It is okay to give him a treat from time to time, but not every day at every meal. In addition, homemade foods are usually more tempting, so the animal will try to eat only that, leaving aside the feed with the highest nutritional value. This is even more important in the case of so-called “medicated” foods. These have a special composition that is best for certain specific health problems and it is very important that the animal gets used to consuming them alone so as not to alter their value as part of the treatment.

Another reason not to add homemade food to the feed is that the dry food is prepared to help keep the teeth clean. Moist food adheres and remains trapped between the teeth, promoting the formation of bacterial plaque.



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