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Nutritious treats for birds

One of the best ways to  bond with your bird and get him to trust you is to give him treats that he likes. There are a large number of bars and seeds that serve perfectly for this purpose, but it is also good that you know which ones are healthy. These will do the job of gaining your confidence while helping you improve your nutrition and maintain your health.

  • The beans are a great source of protein. Boil until soft without adding salt or seasonings and offer once they have cooled. They taste good and birds love them. Remember never to give them raw, as some can be poisonous.
  • The sprouts , alfalfa sprouts as you use for salads or for Chinese food. They are an excellent source of vitamins and proteins. Wash them very well to prevent your bird from ingesting any pesticides.
  • The plant , at the same fruits are one of the best sources of vitamins, fiber and minerals. Birds eat them in the wild, so birds in captivity will thank you too. You can give them broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, leafy greens, etc.
  • The paste is an abundant source of carbohydrates. Birds love them dried or boiled, try how your birds prefer them and give them as a treat. Do not exceed the amount because they cause overweight.
  • The whole wheat bread , pasta is similar to, but if it is integral to them also provide fiber and vitamins. Some birds prefer it once it has hardened.
  • The nines and other dried fruits. They love them and are an excellent source of fatty acids, but offer some sporadically because they contain a lot of fat. If you give them in the shell, they will linger for a long time trying to open them, while exercising their beaks, legs and jaws.
  • The fruit : grapes, melon, oranges, bananas, almost any fruit is a healthy and delicious food for birds. They are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and energy and hardly any bird can resist them. Just keep in mind to remove what has been left to prevent it from rotting in the cage and being a source of contamination.
  • The popcorn home prepared only with some pure oil. If you prefer, you can give the corn without exploding, but boiled for a few minutes to soften the shell. The whole corn grain provides carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins.


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