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Tips for choosing a perch for birds

Some domestic birds have the ability to get out of their cages on a daily basis. They walk on different surfaces and get enough exercise on these walks. Most, however, must spend their entire lives in their cages , and in these cases is when you have to pay special attention to the decoration and accessories that you provide to give them the best possible quality of life.
One of these accessories is cage hangers . Keep in mind that birds spend almost all their time standing on their feet, so the perches must be comfortable and anatomical so as not to damage them. When you buy a cage it already comes with perches included , but you can replace them as you get better ones.
Let’s see the important characteristics when choosing a perch for birds:
-Texture: the surface of the hanger should be smooth, without splinters. At the same time it must have a good grip and not be slippery to give you more security. There are cement or sandblasted hangers available that help file nails. These can be used, but only as an accessory to other perches, because if the bird spends a long time standing on these abrasive surfaces it ends up hurting.
-Diameter: the thickness of the hanger should fit the size of the foot. It should allow you to hold on well, but without your fingers touching. Ideally, the foot can “hug” 2/3 of the perch.
-variety: it is very, very important to offer perches of different thicknesses within the appropriate range for the size of the species. This allows the foot and toes to adopt different positions, thus avoiding osteoarthritis problems and forcing the muscles to work and stretch naturally.
-position: it is interesting to place perches at different angles, just as the branches are located in a tree. This causes the legs to take different positions and more muscle groups are exercised. Birds like this can climb and place their body in different positions in a way more similar to life in nature. You can use branches with soft bark or modular hangers , which also allow you to change the arrangement whenever you want.
-movable perches: like swings or hanging ropes , they add a little more interest and make the life of a bird in captivity more varied and entertaining.
Whatever type of perch you place in the cage, remember that you must always keep them well clean and disinfected . The dirt that is deposited on them is a permanent danger of infection and a health risk. It is advisable to replace the wooden ones periodically, since they are not so washable.
Finally, while the perches are very important, so is the free space to fly. Avoid overloading the space and do not put accessories that prevent the bird from making even small flights inside the cage.



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