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What do I need to know about what goldfinches look like?

The goldfinch is a songbird and one of the happiest pets you can have in your house because of the happiness it transmits with its song . However, like any animal, it needs essential care so that it has good health and you can enjoy its company for as long as possible. Find out what you should know about goldfinches below.

Origin and habitat of the goldfinch

Although the goldfinch comes mainly from Europe , some areas of Asia and North Africa , it has migrated to the United States and Australia .
Its natural habitat may be different, but normally this songbird prefers to settle in forests , areas with grass and trees, parks and gardens. It usually chooses hot environments to live, especially if there are thistles, its main food.

Physical characteristics of the goldfinch

The goldfinch is an attractive and small bird, which does not exceed 15 centimeters . It has a multicolored plumage that attracts a lot of attention, and its head is full of black feathers that surround a red mask located in the part of the eyes.
One of the things you should know about what goldfinches are like is that their colors can change depending on whether they are female or male , with the plumage of the males being more striking than that of the females.

Goldfinch behavior

The characteristic for which the goldfinches are recognized is for their beautiful song, which begins when the good weather is approaching , and continues during the spring and part of the summer season.
In March , approximately, the breeding season begins when the females can lay up to a total of seven eggs. They incubate them without leaving the nest while the males feed them for two weeks.
Although they are birds that live in freedom, they are also adopted as pets in many homes, since they adapt perfectly to captivity as long as they receive essential care.

Goldfinch care at home

Before adopting a goldfinch as a pet, you should know that it is a bird that loves to fly , so it will appreciate if you leave it free for a while around the house, keeping the doors and windows closed to prevent it from escaping.
When you go to choose the cage for your little songbird, keep in mind that this should be of considerable proportions: the cages for medium – sized birds with at the least 50 cm high they will fit your needs. Inside you can install some wooden bars or branches so that your goldfinch will pose every time it flies.
Other elements that cannot be missing in the cage of your cheerful pet are the feeder and the drinker . In addition, a container filled with water and that works as a bathtub can be the ideal complement for your little one’s colorful house, since these birds love to splash and play with the water.
Remember to always keep the cage as clean as possible, change the water daily and remove the excrement from the floor.

Goldfinch feeding

The goldfinch is a bird that feeds on seeds most of the time, although sometimes it can also eat pieces of fruits, vegetables and insects . Its beak is fully prepared to catch the seeds it finds in the areas of its habitat.
To feed it well and choose the best feed, you can buy a seed-based food preparation for goldfinches , which will provide it with all the nutrients and vitamins to have a healthy and balanced diet.
These are the basic goldfinch care that you should take into account when you decide to adopt one as a pet. Remember that it is a bird that adapts very well to captivity, therefore, it is important to provide it with a comfortable life in the warmth of its new home.



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