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What to do if my Inca cockatoo is aggressive?

Aggressive behavior in birds can be quite a problem when living in a domestic environment. The Inca cockatoo , for example, is more aggressive than other species. If you have ever seen aggressive behavior in yours, you have surely wondered “Why is my Inca cockatoo aggressive ?”

Main causes why the Inca cockatoo is aggressive

When we talk about the aggressiveness of the Inca cockatoo, this can be given for different reasons that we will explain below:

  • During the breeding season : It is very common for the Inca cockatoo to be aggressive during the breeding period, especially the males. In many cases it is due to the incompatibility of the couple due to the age difference, which is why it is necessary for him to always breed with females of the same age.
  • Inattention : Inca cockatoos are very intelligent and tend to get bored if they do not have sufficiently stimulating toys or they listen to them. This inattention can cause aggressive behavior and destroy things inside the cage.
  • Bad socialization : It is possible that if your Inca cockatoo behaves aggressively with you it is because you may not be interacting with it in the correct way and it feels threatened.
  • It is where it should not : Placing the cages of Inca cockatoos in an inappropriate place can cause serious changes in their behavior and lead to an aggressive attitude.

What should you do if your Inca cockatoo is aggressive?

Relax, your Inca cockatoo may be showing aggressive behavior, but that does not mean that it will always be that way. There are ways to deal with this aggressive behavior so that both you and your Inca cockatoo have a happier life. We are going to show you what you can do in any of the above cases:

  • If it is aggressive during breeding : If you want your Inca cockatoo to breed without incident, it is best to find a partner of the same age so that it cannot show aggressive behavior.
  • If you destroy things due to lack of attention : Inca cockatoos need more attention than other conspecifics. Try to spend time with her every day, let her out of her cage to fly and talk to her. This will stimulate your intelligence and cause you to be distracted.
  • If it is aggressive due to poor socialization : It may be the case that your cockatoo is aggressive because you react in an inappropriate way. When you detect what causes its bad behavior you can take away some privilege, it is an intelligent animal and after this happens it will sometimes correct its behavior. Remember not to yell or exhibit aggressive behavior towards her.
  • If it is aggressive because it is where it should not : Cockatoos are greatly influenced by their environment. So make sure you are not in direct light and are not in an excessively noisy room, it tends to make them nervous.

Other options

In either case: If you have trained your Inca cockatoo to do tricks, you can try to abort one of these aggressive episodes by asking him to do one. This way you will be able to distract her. Mind you, don’t forget to give your award when it does. In most cases of aggressive behavior, all you need to do is try to divert their attention and be very patient. This way, your cockatoo will gradually correct these episodes and will once again be a sociable pet.
But remember, if his aggressiveness continues, it is best to turn to a professional to help you.



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