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What should be the feeding of the gray parrot?

Do you know the yaco parrot? This friendly gray parrot from Africa is one of the most talkative varieties. And because of its sociable nature and intelligence, it is one of the favorites to have as a pet. And you, do you know what care it needs? What should be the feeding of the gray parrot?
The gray parrot is undoubtedly a pet for anyone who wants an extra bit of joy at home. But beware, you also have to be aware that being a very sociable and sensitive animal, it will need you to pay attention to it.
How about sharing your life with one of them? A little attention and a suitable cage are all that the gray parrot needs to live happily. Sunlight, some toys and space to fly inside his cage… And outside! Because you must not forget that like other parrots the jackfruit needs to leave its cage for a couple of hours a day so that it can exercise .
Now let’s imagine that you already have everything. The perfect cage, some great toys for you to enjoy and a perfect location where you can get the sun, but… What does a gray parrot eat? Keep reading and we will tell you.

The feeding of the gray parrot

In the case of yaco parrots, feeding is a fundamental aspect of their care that you must take into account if you want them to grow old with you. How? What did you not know? A gray parrot can live up to 60 years!
But for those 60 years to accompany you, it is best to pay attention to their diet. You can feed it both with feed and with seeds. But what is the ideal diet for a gray parrot? Well, as with humans, the best diet is the varied one, both for what it contributes and because it will prevent your jack from getting bored.
Varied diet? Yes please! I think, seeds, and fresh fruits and vegetables are the ideal combination for your gray parrot to be healthy and strong.

Preparing the feeding of the gray parrot

We are going to go into details so that the feeding of the yaco parrot is perfect and you can know exactly what you should give it.

  • I think : The usual that you can find in specialized stores.
  • Seeds : You can give them dry or germinated. What can they be? Millet, birdseed, corn, wheat, lentils, peas, sunflower seeds or hemp seed are some of the ones he likes the most.
  • Fruits : Apple, banana, orange, kiwi, papaya or melon. Either of these is ideal for them. Of course, the best thing is that they are fresh every day.
  • Vegetables : Tomato, carrot, artichoke, pepper or pumpkin. Like fruits, give them fresh daily.

Sweets for the yaco parrot … But in small doses

There is a small list of foods that you can also give your gray parrot, but that they will only be able to eat in very small quantities .

  • Dairy derivatives without salt such as fresh cheese or yogurt.
  • Unseasoned bread, cookies, or pasta.

Forbidden foods for the gray parrot

Because just as there are perfect foods, there are also some that are prohibited in the feeding of the gray parrot. Never , under any circumstances, give your parrot a food from this list:

  • Avocado
  • Chocolate
  • Salt
  • Milk
  • Meat
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Alcohol
  • Raw potato
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Cocoa

And it is that, as it happens with ours, the health of our pets must be the first thing that we take care of. With our advice you can share a happy, long and healthy life with your gray parrot.



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