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Food in parrots – Diets

Psittacines in nature feed on a wide variety of fruits, seeds, and leaves from various
trees. Thus, it can be seen with the naked eye that a mixture of seeds as the only food does not come close to the
nutritional needs of these species; much less if they are given only one type of seeds (or they select them).
Here are some recommended diets :
Homemade Diets :These diets are prepared without an exact recipe, but generally result in excellent
plumage quality, adequate body mass, and no signs of nutritional deficiencies. It takes some
time and dedication to prepare them and you also have to control what they eat and what they leave behind to avoid always choosing the same foods.
Option 1- Mix 20-35% of seeds and nuts, 20-30% of dark green, yellow and orange vegetables, 10-15% of fruit (do not give bananas or apples in excess because they have little nutritional value) and 20-30 % of a puree made with rice, various grains, and legumes.
Option 2 -30% mixed seeds for parrots, 20% boiled brown rice, multi-grain bread, pasta or multigrain cereals, 15% fresh or frozen vegetables (can be peas, carrots or squash) and 15% legumes, like beans.
Option 3 – Mix 45% grains, whole grain breads or cereals (such as brown rice), 45% fresh vegetables (broccoli, endives, carrots, squash, cabbage, sweet potato) and fruits, 5% from the protein and fat group, including boiled eggs, peanuts and other ripe legumes and 5% low-fat and lactose-free dairy (skimmed yogurt, hard cheeses or cottage cheese) to provide calcium and protein. Calcium blocks can be a good source of this mineral, but large birds often break them down without consuming them.
Option 4 – Approximately 24% boiled long grain rice, 25% cooked beans, 24% maize kernels from marlo, 24% parrot diet in pellet form, 2% vitamin supplement powder and 1 -4% calcium supplement.
The fresh parts of these mixes can be frozen and used in portions. Be careful not to leave food in the cage for too long because these foods tend to spoil faster than dry ones. Avocado or avocado should not be used because it is toxic to small parrots .
Commercial diets: Although these homemade diets give excellent results, many people do not have time to dedicate it to prepare them or they cannot control what ingredients have been consumed. For them there are balanced diets in the form of feed for parrots. There are several brands that are more or less attractive to birds and vary in their quality. Unless otherwise stated on the label, they are formulated for adult birds and are not suitable for raising chicks or breeding birds. In general they are good for maintenance ; If you are going to try one of these diets, monitor the body condition and quality of your pet’s plumage. You can also use this diet mixed half and half with fresh food in proportions similar to those indicated in homemade diets.



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