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Friday, June 14, 2024
HomeBird feedingThe best songbirds to brighten up your home

The best songbirds to brighten up your home

It is incredible the joy and company that songbirds can bring to our home. The most common example is the canary . More complicated to keep in captivity and therefore less common in homes, is the goldfinch, and even more species such as the verdure, linnet or greenfinch. In addition, we must bear in mind the legality of having each of these species at home.

Songbirds: curiosities about their different types of singing

There are many expert opinions that suggest that the song of these birds is the form of communication between them. There are also many types of song , depending on the purpose for which they are issued. Here are some of them:

  • Warning voices
    They are very strident and characteristic.
  • Claims
    They are used to get the attention of the couple or parents.
  • Contact voices
    They have many purposes, such as maintaining close position when flying in flocks.

How to care for songbirds

If you have a pet bird, whether it is a songbird or not, you should know that they need special care. Also, by being healthy and happy, you will sing better too. Here we propose some ideas:

  • Cage : big enough that you can fly something and clean. Depending on the number of birds and their size, you will need to clean it more or less times, but normally a minimum of two per week is recommended.
  • Location . a part of the aviary that faces the outside.
  • Food : a varied diet is essential, birdseed or lettuce are examples of food for birds.
  • Extra food : grated hard-boiled apple or egg and food bars as snacks for birds .
  • Hygiene : put a container that allows you to bathe with fresh water and change it daily. You can also buy a practical bird bath !
  • Company : there are many species that appreciate having some company with other birds

Consult with a veterinarian all these aspects if you have any questions, remember that our experts will also be happy to help you through
And in your house? Do you enjoy the songs of a songbird? Share with us your experience with this type of bird and tell us which one is your favorite to have at home.



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