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Types and characteristics of colored canaries

The canary, in addition to standing out for its song, also draws attention for its striking color, which varies depending on the following two substances: melanin and lipochrome . For this reason, these small birds can be classified into melanic (agate, black, bromine, green and isabela) and lipochromes (white, yellow and red). In turn, within each of these types, there is a great variety of species. There are so many types of plumage to choose from!

Melanic colored canaries

Melanin is the dark color pigment (black or blackish brown) that provides different colors in the same plumage . It can be black eumelanin, brown eumelanin, and pheomelanin. Depending on whether the canary is intense (it covers the entire feather), snowy (the ends of the feathers remain unpigmented) or mosaic (the male and the female are different), the colors will have a different presence in the plumage.

Lipochrome canaries

Lipochrome canaries are those that do not have a defined melanic structure. Therefore, its phenotype has a base color (white, yellow or red), without pigments of other colors. Like melanics, the intensity of the color in the plumage will depend on whether they are intense, snowy or mosaic.

And you, what kind of canary do you have? What is the color that you like the most for your pet? Tell us if you like melanic canaries or lipochromes more.



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